About Us

MA Mandrel Bends is a division of Myriad Automotive Ltd, a solely family owned British Company Established in 2008. Over the years, we have adapted and transformed from being a trader to becoming a stockist and a manufacturer. Myriad Automotive is a family run engineering business that has strict principles and is accustomed to efficiency, integrity, safety, reliability, quality and trust.

Myriad Automotive was established to provide and serve anyone and everyone to the best of our aptitude and automotive means. Increasing in skill and knowledge has allowed our product offering to become substantially more diverse and we now proudly cater for more than just the automotive industry. It is no surprise that over the years we as a team have achieved to successfully cater for a huge spectrum of customers. We have assisted Car Manufacturers, provided engineering components to Gas, Oil and Energy Industries, mechanisms and products to assist Aviation businesses, Local Dairy Farmers, extending right over to helping many young individuals to start their own fabrication shops and of course the respective individual working from his shed.

MA Mandrel Bends is dedicated to achieving a combined blend of professionalism and traditional manufacture here in the Black Country. Our Metal Works factory based in Walsall consist of a huge range of apparatus and machinery which enables us to reach out to the world.

We as a manufacturer understand the various bending methods that are used such as crush bending, wrinkle bending and mandrel bending, which consist of means via CNC and machine-assisted manual bending.  Our Mandrel bending process uses CNC tube benders, which have a very wide range of applications from bending single bends to an automated complex multiple bending option.  This copiously programmed bender employs a proprietary software package joining luxury of use and excellent setup flexibility. Regular tool changeover is simple for our expert engineers and fast processing allows us to offer customers a swift experience.

Through extensive research and vast experience, we at MA Mandrel Benders have unconditional chosen to offer Aluminised Mild Steel as well as T304 Stainless Steel bends. Our amalgamated CNC benders capacity to bends vary from 25mm – 101mm outside diameter tubing with a wall thickness of 1.5mm, we offer three different CLRs (centre line radius) first being 2 x CLR second being 1.5 CLR and finally our tight radius bends measured at 1 x CLR.